Control cables are used for control circuits in power plants and other similar industrial installations and singnalling network of railways, with or without FR/FRLS properties in sizes normally upto 61 crores. Voltage grade 650/1100 volts (Uo/U). Provided with ISI marking against IS 1554 (Pt-1). Conforming to standard specifications like IS 1554 (Pt-1), BS 6346, !ec 227, |||





Solid/stranded, circular annealed, bare/tinned copper wire of,


PVC. Fully color coded cores. Core identification by printed numerals/letters also available on request.


Screening by copper braid or aluminum mylar tape of aluminium wire for reinforced armour types.

Drain Wire

Drain Wire of solid/stranded, bare/tinned copper wire normally provided.

Mechanical Protection

Galvanized steel wire or srtip por double helical steel tape armour.

Inner & Outer Sheath